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Destination & Conference Venue

TNC22 welcomes you to Trieste, one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, rich in history, charm and culture. TNC22 will be hosted by GARR, the Italian Research and Education Network. The conference will take place at the Trieste Convention Center TCC, Trieste’s new conference venue located in one of the most vibrant recovering industrial areas in Europe. On this page you can learn more about what makes this year’s TNC destination so special.


The TCC is a brand new city hub for international congresses, events and tradeshows. Built in the Old Port of Trieste over an area of 10,000 square metres, it is the first step of the main recovery project involving the whole area. TCC offers a sustainable and green conference venue comprising 2 pavilions, a large auditorium (seating over 1800) and 5 smaller halls. The project of the convention centre is the result of the public-private partnership aimed at hosting ESOF 2020.

V.le Miramare, 24/2, 34135 Trieste TS, Italy

Credits: Fabrice Gallina

 Built at the end of the XIX century, the Old Port of Trieste (Porto Vecchio) is today at the centre of one of the most interesting industrial recovery programmes in Europe. After a long period of neglect, this area is being redeveloped for social, cultural and scientific purposes. The Old Port with an area of 617,000 m², 38 hangars and a hydrodynamic plant is home to the Trieste Convention Center (TCC), museums and scientific centres that benefit from the ultra broadband connectivity provided by GARR.

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