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TNC22 Opening Plenary
Official opening of TNC22 by Chairman of the GÉANT Board (Andreas Dudler) and CEO of GÉANT (Erik Huizer). Celebration ceremony for the 2022 GÉANT Community Award and the Vietsch Foundation Medal of Honour 2022.
Defining the Infrastructure of Trust
Behind every login in our federated R&E environment lies an identity infrastructure, one where mutual trust is fundamental. How can we be sure who is authenticating, and with which level of certainty? Which profiles exist for federation participants and how is uptake going? How will trust evolve in the changing technology landscape as we move from SAML to OIDC? This session will take a deep dive into policies impacting trust and their implementation.
Sniffing It Out
This session will focus on recent techniques to help in the fight against new cyberthreats and attacks and to make it more accessible to the human being. With the changes of malicious activities, which try to mimic user behaviour, also its counterpart -such as the SOCs, have to adopt their techniques by putting user-centric behaviour analysis into the spotlight.
The Inevitable Covid Session
We are not out of the Covid woods yet, hence ‘inevitable’ in the session title. The pandemic has put NRENs to a test of resilience and agility, offering them however also an opportunity to demonstrate their relevance to the communities they serve. In this session you will hear accounts of how NRENs and other national bodies positioned themselves as critical in keeping staff at member institutions safe, in keeping learning going and in breaking barriers down for performing arts collaborations across continents. Join us to also find out how sustainable planning will turn these emergency responses from just-in-time to just-in-case.
Network Evolution
The R&E network operators are in different stages of refreshing not only their network but also the way the network can be utilized by their constituents. In this session, we will find out how GÉANT is addressing the ever-growing demands for intercontinental data transfers and get an up-to-date summary of GÉANTs’ network evolution journey. This session also includes a presentation from Internet2 which focuses on the lessons learned from their deployment of next-generation infrastructure. Join the session for some insights, results, and lessons learned from the journey towards the next-generation R&E networks.
Lightning Talk Plenaries - First Strike
Lightning Talks are 5 minute presentations focusing on one key point. This can be an idea, successful project, a cautionary story, collaboration invitation, quick tip or demonstration. This session is an opportunity for ideas to get the attention they deserve. The rules for this session are easy: five minutes and only five minutes.
Fixing the World
We know how to fix a network, or a service, but do we have a way to fix the world? In this session, we will wade into thebigger questions and issues that need to be addressed to change things. During the presentations, we set paths to a more sustainable future, address historical inequalities, and find new power where it once was lost. We might not fix the whole world with this one session, but it might inspire you to start thinking of ways to try.
Trusted Infrastructure in Action
Infrastructure exists to support the operation of society, of research, of everything. Join us to learn about real-world examples of how the infrastructure of identity and trust support the demands of research and education around the world.
Strategic NREN Hacking
NRENs have been around for several decades but change is a constant. This session looks at securing the long term strategy and sustainability of NRENs in different ways, from organisational culture, to securing future talent and working with our communities.
Building Real Stuff for Research Communities
This session will include three presentations on how organisations are building infrastructure and platforms to support research communities. The role of the communities and their needs is a common thread throughout the papers, with emphasis being placed on understanding user requirements, designing engaging and customisable systems, and promoting co-ownership and administration to ensure implementations meet direct researcher needs. The importance of collaboration between service providers and user communities is naturally at the fore. The papers will present a community cloud initiative, a telemedicine platform and infrastructure to enable reuse of social media data.
Networking: From Projects to Platforms
Production Services quite often originate from projects where they have been developed, tested, and taken to maturity level. In this session we will describe 3 cases, all originated from GN4-3 activities, which are now approaching their readiness to become services that available for the GÉANT community. We will highlight different approaches to service delivery from toolsets, to labs to full service.
Lightning Talk Plenaries - Second Strike
Lightning Talks are 5 minute presentations focusing on one key point. This can be an idea, successful project, a cautionary story, collaboration invitation, quick tip or demonstration. This session is an opportunity for ideas to get the attention they deserve. The rules for this session are easy: five minutes and only five minutes.
Wednesday Plenary
Optics: Shine A Light
The optical transmission environment is changing. The fixed grid single-vendor solutions are giving space to flex grid, open and programmable optical line systems that enable the transmission of signals from various light sources. New opportunities are opening up for the provision of innovative services, some of which will be presented in this session. All presentations will focus on spectrum sharing among different domains at an international level, showing the state of the art in creating high bandwidth and Time&Frequency services.
Innovating with AI at Google
Learn about innovation with AI at Google, from our approach to Responsible AI to real life industry applications of Google's AI technology.
Cloud Services for R&E: A supplier perspective
Key suppliers of cloud services for Research and Education will reflect on how the cloud has changed the R&E landscape and provide their expert insights into how cloud services will help shape the future of R&E, reflecting both the challenges of the post-COVID landscape and opportunities afforded by newer, more flexible services and solutions for the community.
Roaming Through
Being able to roam across networks is an important asset in NREN networks. While everyone's first - and quite likely second, and third-thought on that topic is: "eduroam!" - there are limits to its coverage and applicability. Interesting things are happening, both inside eduroam regarding scale-up and geographic outreach - and outside. In this session, we will hear two eduroam talks from our international colleagues in the U.S.A. and Uganda, and one talk aiming to bring the benefits of roaming to devices which are too technically constrained to be compatible with eduroam.
From Space to the Ocean Bed
Supporting research with high-end technology and finding intricate solutions to support science in unconventional locations is what makes working with R&E community challenging, but so interesting. The presentations in this session will demonstrate three very different examples of research infrastructure solutions implemented by members of our community. Join this session and be inspired by these science-enabling instruments – be it a complex ecosystem for the arts and humanities, multi-terabit solution provided in the arctic, or an innovative way of exploring the ocean beds re-using submarine cables.
Crisis and Solutions
By now, most of us might not want to think about another crisis again for the foreseeable future - not unless we are presented with easy to implement and quick working solutions. Unfortunately, that’s not how the world works. Thankfully, this session will give you three stories from NRENs that will explore the benefits of not shying away from talking about crisis, finding playfulness in incidents and finding security solutions for your members. With a strictly no-quick-wins guarantee!
Pot Luck Networking
The GÉANT Network is a unique, global and diverse platform used not only within our community but interconnected to the rest of the Internet. This diversity leads to a large range of opportunities for researchers using the network in very different ways. In this “pot luck” session we will present three very different approaches to network management: developing a campus network as a service, evolution of global routing tables and developing platforms for research and education network programmes.
Supporting Research and Education
All levels of education have been rapidly digitalising, particularly over the last two years, which has generated the need for new practices, competences, educational tools and infrastructure to support it. It has also resulted in an exponential growth in user data generated through various systems and platforms. Science, too, relies heavily on data and depends on its availability, exchange, storing, processing and preservation. In this session we will talk about the practices that are in place or should be established, infrastructure put in place and tools needed in order to support research and education, as well as the role of NRENs in these processes.
It's Always DNS
A popular joke among technologists says that when something goes wrong, it’s always DNS. Initially referred to as the phonebook of the internet, DNS remains a fundamental building block for the internet, and its essential nature means it is open to many different configuration and user errors. Despite being nearly 40 years old, the ways we interact with and use DNS continue to evolve. This session will look at changes and different approaches to DNS management in the NREN world.
Building and Buying
In this session you will hear examples of how to manage complex tendering processes and frameworks for buying services and examples of building and governing software for delivering services. Over the years, NRENs and GÉANT have learnt lessons and gained valuable experience in managing complex tenders and providing software management support for delivering services. Our processes include optimal purchasing, good prices, 1000 bids, vendor compliance, impact assessment, audits of services, plus thousands more details to manage. How do you survive this? How do you optimise this? Join the session to hear our practical experience of building and buying.
Closing Plenary
During the final plenary we will close this year's TNC with words from Erik Huizer (CEO of GÉANT) about the GN4-3N network, keynote speaker Gihan Kamel, and the announcement of TNC23. Come join us before we all head home!
Quantum Technologies
Fast development of quantum technologies and operational solutions changes the way we build and operate our networks and services, opening new horizons for its usage and changing the idea of the impossible. This session helps us to embrace these changes by looking at challenges and opportunities of quantum communication development and implementation from the perspective of R&E institutions. It also helps us to consider possible threats and look at the deployment-ready solutions to protect our systems and prepare us for the forthcoming quantum era. Join us and use the opportunity to find out more about related topics of your interest!
Data Driven Networking
Real Life Network Orchestration
Automatically managing the network and its associated services means working with tools and domains in the same way an orchestra brings instruments and musicians together to create a masterpiece. That’s why we call it orchestration. And it is not science fiction. Several research and education networks are creating their own orchestration masterpieces in the network: working with network function virtualisation, automation and orchestration, to get the most of them and create value for their users. This session will bring you three real life use cases to find the inspiration to create your network masterpiece.